Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Din Magazine Launch Party

May 6th, 2010 5-7pm in the NMSU Reader's Theater (adjacent to Clarabelle Williams Hall)

Our new undergraduate magazine will have its launch. Finally the Din is yours!

All are welcome and there will be snacks.

Come see our new, fabulously designed and edited journal featuring poems, stories, artwork and video by NMSU undergraduates and Las Cruces artists.

Thanks to the Apostrophe Books Interns

This is a special thanks to Robbie Wendenborn (MFA Poetry 2011) and Anna Pattison (MFA Fiction 2012), interns for Apostrophe Books, an associated (though not affiliated) press (along with Noemi Books) of the NMSU creative writing program.

This semester Apostrophe Books has made several important strides forward that would not have happened if not for the help we received from Robbie and Anna. Five months ago, Apostrophe Books did not have a Facebook page, had not yet incorporated as a Limited Partnership in the state of New Mexico, did not have an Employer Identification Number, did not have a business license, did not have a checking account, and had not yet implemented a new submission policy (starting this week!). Now we have all of this set up. Anna and Robbie each played contributing roles in making these improvements possible. In addition, both contributed to the reading and editing of our next title, and Robbie worked at the AWP bookfair table selling books and took promotional pictures of our massively successful reading event at the Plus Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks again Robbie and Anna!

And during the summer, Apostrophe Books is looking for a temporary intern to replace Anna until she returns in the fall. If you are interested, write to Richard Greenfield at Noemi Books is also looking for an intern for the summer. If you are interested, contact Carmen Smith at

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New issue of PUERTO DEL SOL

17th Annual Marathon Reading

Today's 12 hour marathon reading was impressive. Amazing work. Here was the reading list:

12:00 Ashly Bender

12:15 Scott Anderson

12:30 Patti Wojahn

12:45 Carrie Murphy

1:00 Ryan Orr

2:00 Rebecca Powell

2:15 Carl Wilhoyte

2:30 Austin Tremblay

3:00 Nancy Hastings Critique Group

4:00 Ashly Bender

4:15 Abbie McCracken

4:30 Mike Meginnis

4:45 Tracy Meginnis

5:00 Floydd Elliott

5:30 Peter Brooks

6:00 Patrick Lee Clark

6:15 Elizabeth Brasher

6:30 Erin Reardon

6:45 Neal Adelman

7:00 Allison Layfield

7:30 Marc Scott

8:00 Jen Bracken Scott

8:30 Robbie Wendeborn

8:45 Richard Greenfield

9:00 Josh Young

9:15 Melanie Bowen

9:30 Josh Bowen

9:45 Ramona Reeves

10:00 Gina Colantino

10:15 Seth Wells

10:30 Debbi LaPorte’s Engl 308

11:30 Adam Crittenden

11:45 Erin Reardon