Saturday, November 27, 2010

3rd Year Student Profile: Tracy Bowling

Tracy Bowling
Tracy Bowling is completing her MFA in Fiction at New Mexico State University, where she teaches courses in composition and creative writing and serves as a managing editor of Puerto del Sol. Tracy also works as an associate editor for Noemi Press. Tracy comes to Las Cruces from Indianapolis, Indiana, where she met her husband and fellow MFA candidate Mike Meginnis. Together they edit Uncanny Valley, a literature/entertainment blog and literary magazine focusing on innovative and cross-genre work. They are working on putting out the first print issue in 2011. 

Tracy spends her free time reading and playing video games, and has particular obsessions with The Simpsons, robots, anime, and craft projects involving beading. She loves teaching at all levels, from kindergarten to undergrad, and hopes to eventually earn a position as a graduate creative writing instructor in a university. She has also worked as a copyeditor and a coordinator of content for textbooks, and harbors nerdy dreams of writing pedagogical standards and course objectives for creative writing curricula.

Tracy has had work published online at PANK and Storyglossia. She writes frequently about outlandish ambitions and gender issues and has approached these ideas through such protagonists as obese rock stars, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the elusive Yeti. Her thesis-in-progress is a novel about a man with psychic powers sailing to Alaska in order to inherit the greatest known psychic shop in the world. 

Tracy will have her public reading this coming Friday, December 3rd, with NMSU MFA alum Dorine Jennette.

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