Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3rd Year Student Profile: Heather Dawn Frankland

Heather Dawn Frankland originally hails from Hoosier-land Indiana, which, contrary to public opinion, is not solely full of corn. She originally arrived to Las Cruces for a Masters of Public Health, but was so enchanted by a poetry elective class that she decided to pursue her MFA after receiving her MPH. Currently, she is completing her MFA in Poetry at New Mexico State University. She teaches courses in composition and creative writing in which she regularly inserts principles of community advocacy. Additionally, she has been active in community volunteering, program building, and grant writing.

Much of Heather’s work is inspired by her international experiences living abroad, namely her time serving as a Peace Corps Community Health Volunteer in Peru. Although she never really mastered how to drive a donkey as evidenced by the photo, she did learn a mountain of life experiences that expanded her paradigm. Her thesis-in-progress explores the concept of “othering” and being “othered.” She enjoys magical realism and modern interpretations of the fairy tale. 

After receiving her MFA, Heather plans to build programs that use creative approaches, such as writing, in order to address social and public health problems like violence. Although she hasn’t actively pursued publishing, she is focusing on doing so in the future  and becoming more widely published.

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