Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recent Publications: Students and Faculty

Poet and professor Richard Greenfield has some new poems up at Common-Place.

Carmen Gimenez Smith, in a visual collaboration with artist and fellow NMSU faculty member Peter Fine, has three poems at Listenlight.

MFA student Melanie Sweeney Bowen has a piece in the January issue of the Foundling Review.

3rd year poet Robert Alan Wendeborn has four poems in the latest issue of Kill Author.

Adam Crittenden has a very short story in Up The Staircase, and two poems in the January issue of Diverse Voices Quarterly.  His poem "A Less Peaceful Meditation," also appears in The Meadowland Review.

Quite a few NMSU students, alumni and faculty appear in the inaugural issue of Lingerpost, including Adam Crittenden, John Chavez, Austin Tremblay, Natalie Day, Elizabeth Brasher, and former visiting writer Sheila Black.

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