Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MFA Alum Books Galore!

Check it: new short story collection by NMSU MFA grad Andrew Scott is out for us all to enjoy. Kudos to Andrew! Engine Books is his wife Victoria Barrett's press (she's also an alum), and Andrew runs an online book club called Andrew's Book Club.

In Naked Summer, Andrew Scott brilliantly conjures up my home state of Indiana, that in-between, mixed-up blend of farmland, suburbia, isolated towns and would-be cities stuck in the flyover, but he accomplishes much more than this. His stunning collection of stories also deftly captures those in-between states that everyone finds themselves in at some point—those times of limbo when we’re between jobs or relationships, or, most memorably, that last “naked summer” when childhood lingers and adulthood has not yet arrived. This is a heart-wrenching collection, at once hilarious and wise. I couldn’t put it down.
—Elizabeth Stuckey-French, author of The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady and Mermaids on the Moon

Andrew Scott’s stories are streamlined, intense, and unsettling. His characters don’t quite know themselves, but the author knows them well. They teeter in the margins of safety, in a way that many Americans have been pushed off the path to the dream. I recommend these stories highly.
Alice Elliott Dark, author of In the Gloaming and Think of England

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