Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3rd Year Student Profile: Peter Brooks

Originally from Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Peter is a 3rd MFA student studying poetry and aiming to enter into a Rhetoric/Professional Communication and/or Cultural Studies PhD program post-NMSU.  Peter appreciates the three year MFA program because it has allowed him concentrate on his craft while also exploring other disciplines in his coursework.  His current thesis about his hometown has drawn on other classes as much as it has his time growing up in Wisconsin.  Surveys on William Blake and Walt Whitman along with a Practicum in Grammar expanded his writing repertoire and inspired his interest toward identity theory in and out of creative writing.

During his time, Peter has been a part of the Borderlands Writing Project and NMSU Teaching Academy.  Both experiences have helped him on his career to be a college instructor and provided ideas for the courses he’s taught.  Along with two of his colleagues, Daniel (MFA Fiction) and Meg (PhD RPC), Peter is tri-editor of The FUN Journal, an online journal dedicated to the fun of craft and writing.  Many contributors to The FUN Journal have also been Las Cruces community members he’s read with at Open Mics and Poetry Events.  In his last year Peter continues to host POPS/MOPS with another colleague, Melanie (MFA Fiction), works with Puerto del Sol as an associate editor, and serves as the Online Writing Center Coordinator.

Before all this writing craziness Peter was a full-time RHD at Arizona State, University of Missouri-Columbia, and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  The past year Peter has still been involved in housing speaking at the Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association 2010 Conference and the University of Wisconsin Community Colleges Leadership Conference.  While he does not miss 3am phone calls about students vomiting all over themselves, he does appreciate the value of cultivating living learning communities.

Peter draws his influence from poets interested in city writing and the social/cultural life within those places.  Langston Hughes, Martin Espada, Walt Whitman, Mina Loy, and Pablo Neruda have been some of his influences.  Peter has been a three year contributor to the Wisconsin Poet’s Calendar published by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and recently received 3rd place in’s poetry contest.  During the few free minutes he has, he enjoys Scrabble, long walks around Las Cruces, and team trivia.

Peter will have his public reading on April 15th with Rachel Levitsky.

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