Monday, October 4, 2010

NMSU MFA Alumni Projects

Check out just a few of the fascinating creative projects spearheaded by NMSU MFA program alumni:

MFA Fiction 04' Albert Martinez has an awesome website, Lively Words, where he features video footage of writers reading their work. Several people associated with the MFA program at New Mexico State have participated in his project, including former professors Antonya Nelson and Robert Boswell, current professor Connie Voisine and graduates Tim Staley and Dorine Jennette.

MFA Fiction 05' graduate Jacquie Fuller also has a website project, How I Found You. How I Found You "wants to know how you found someone, or something, significant in your life. How you found them for the first time, how you found them again. How they changed you forever." (from the website) Like Lively Words, you can find several submissions from people associated with the program, including former professors Kevin McIlvoy and Sheila Black. 

Voices Behind Walls is a creative writing workshop program started by MFA Poetry 08' alum Lee Rhyanes.  The program takes place in juvenile detention centers in the Southwest and encourages juvenile offenders to express themselves through poetry.  Read the interesting story of how the workshop developed on the website and sign up for the newsletter. Lee, along with NMSU Literature graduate Justin DeSenso, was also instrumental in helping to create "Hip-Hop Stacks," a catalog of hip-hop literature, music, art and scholarship now located at the Branson Library on the New Mexico State University campus. 

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